Water poverty alleviation charity, Hope Spring is to launch a  podcast on 1st of May 2023. The charity that works on reducing water poverty, sanitation challenges, and period poverty hopes to use the podcast to raise awareness of WASH issues.  The podcast is hosted by Bolu Olorunfemi, one of Hope Spring’s long standing volunteers. 

The podcast will commence with our latest Promise auction fundraiser. Hope Spring Water has a borehole project in the Unape Alewa community in Abuja. A community with no access to safe drinking water. Half of the fund has been raised by Hope Spring, and we intend to use the Promise Auction fundraiser to raise the other half. The first episode of our podcast will be on the promise auction donations. We will discuss how individuals and businesses can participate. What and how they can donate, and what the proceeds from the donation will be used for.

Another episode of the podcast will explain the challenges women and children go through in accessing water in developing countries. Especially communities we have worked with in the past. How people fetch water from unclean sources because they lack access to clean water. The health challenges they face and how access to clean water can change their lives and well being.

 We will also be having a conversation on period poverty. The link between period poverty and school absenteeism. The challenges faced by menstruators in accessing menstrual products, menstrual health education, and wash facilities. How to tackle period poverty challenges among schoolgirls We will be inviting a guest who will shed more light on the podcast and explain things in detail.

Also, our podcast will also discuss water challenges in rural and urban areas. This podcast will juxtapose the experience of rural areas compared to urban areas. The benefits enjoyed by urban dwellers as regards water and sanitation are opposed to those enjoyed by rural dwellers. How to improve this and ways to do so will also be discussed. 

Hope Spring podcast intends to bring interesting topics to listeners and its audience, especially  topics relating to water, adequate sanitation and hygiene, charities, new innovations in wash, and developmental topics. Hence, we encourage everyone to tune in to our podcast! Hope Spring podcasts can be found on different channels and platform