A donation birthday gift is when you ask friends and family for a donation to charity in lieu of birthday gift giving. You can ask your loved ones to make a donation birthday gift through any of the platforms below, and it’s a fantastic way to make your celebrations even more meaningful. As fun as birthdays are, everyone worries a little about what to buy or receiving things they don’t particularly want. A donation to charity in lieu of birthday gift giving means every present is a truly amazing one.

Although you may not be able to celebrate as you usually would, you can make your birthday meaningful by holding a virtual celebration. Check out these charity websites for virtual fundraising ideas to mark your day.


1. Hope Spring

One of the most creative and fulfilling ways to celebrate your birthday is raising money for Hope Spring water charity. Hope Spring leverages Facebook birthday fundraising tool which means you can publish your fundraiser, and then share with all your friends on Facebook. Your birthday donation will help the Hereford-based charity provide clean and drinkable water for the underprivileged communities in West Africa and also help fight period poverty in the same region. In its efforts to end period poverty in Africa, the charity does not just distribute pads to school girls but also trains them and the women to make their reusable pads which are more sustainable.

2. Save the Children

Any money raised from your birthday on Save the Children  will go towards helping children in the UK and 114 other countries keep safe, healthy, and learning. The charity was founded on the belief that every child should have the chance to be who they are and become who they want to be. This belief remains at the heart of the organisation today. You are encouraged to  ask your most generous friends to donate first to set an example.

Save the Children, which  exists for children, sets out to  make children’s world a better place. To help them learn, grow and become who they want to be irrespective of where they are growing up, the charity seeks a way to reach the children who need their assistance the most.

3. Habitat For Humanity

By donating your birthday to Habitat for Humanity, you are helping the charity build homes, provide essential skills training and support vulnerable families worldwide.

The amazing things your birthday could help achieved are enumerated below:

  • Provide multiple micro-loans to families in need
  • Provide a safe home for orphans who lost their parents to HIV/AIDS in Lesotho
  • Renovate homes for refugees in Lebanon

By asking for donations to Habitat for Humanity instead of gifts, you can help fund their projects across the world to support the most vulnerable and the poorest  families. Pledge your birthday on the platform and let the world know you are supporting the UK’s most vulnerable children.  Habitat for Humanity enables you to create your birthday fundraising page, and it will get in touch to help  you promote it to your friends and family, and you are giving some fundraising tips. Donations made to your birthday page will support the charity’s mission to build decent and affordable housing.

4. Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes works to empower our wounded heroes and help them recover from the injuries suffered while serving our nation. Which is the reason — if it resonates with you — you would want to create a birthday fundraising page on the platform.

It offers specialist care for wounds seen and unseen and gives the support the heroes need to transition back to civilian life, help them overcome the obstacles in their way and reach their goals, whether that means gaining work experience or achieving sporting greatness.

5. Mind

Mind provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. Its campaigns are about  improving services, raising awareness and promoting understanding.

Whether you’re commemorating an anniversary, celebrating a birthday, or getting married, you are welcome on this platform and they are willing to be part of your special occasion..

You can make the magic of your birthday last a bit longer by supporting this cause. instead of gifts, you could ask for donations through an online giving page, or hold a party to raise funds.