Peter Dowsett


Peter Dowsett and his wife Christine, have been raising funds for good causes for decades. They reside in the same area of Herefordshire,  Hope Spring founder Temi Odurinde lives.  At a chance meeting with Temi, at a local function, Peter and Christine got to know about the water poverty alleviation and menstrual hygiene outreach projects Hope Spring does.

Since Peter took interest in Hope Spring water, he and Christine have either organised or participated in most Hope Spring fundraising events. Some of the activities they have participated in includes speaking to local groups about Hope Spring. Peter and Christine have directly or indirectly raised thousands of pounds for Hope Spring.  They are passionate about helping as many people as possible out of water poverty.  Peter wanted to be more involved in Hope Spring;  becoming a trustee was the next step.

Peter would love to involve more local organisation in Hope Spring projects.  He would like to see the people of Herefordshire, who do not know what it is to live without clean water, help to fund Hope Spring. Such partnership will  do so much to help people without safe clean water.