Hope Spring Water – board of trustees

Meet some of the people behind Hope Spring. Thanks to them, we are helping to reduce water poverty in some of the most deprived communities.

Board of trustees

Temi Odurinde


Temi has a long term interest in poverty alleviation. The idea to create a water empowerment charity first occurred to him about eighteen years ago, in Agege, Lagos, Nigeria when he bought “ice water” from a seven year old vendor he thought should be at School, not hawking water in the streets.

Abbey Longe


Abbey Longe is one of the corner stones of Hope Spring Water. An administrator by profession, Abbey is the trustee in charge of Hope Spring purse strings. She helps with various tasks the help ensure the smooth running of Hope Spring.

Katrin Gabriel


Katrin Gabriel, a master Violin restorer, has a passion for helping development charities, especially those that work with children and poverty alleviation. Katrin is a member of the board of trustees of Hope Spring.

Peter Dowsett


Peter Dowsett and his wife Christine, have been raising funds for good causes for decades. They reside in the same area of Herefordshire,  Hope Spring founder Temi Odurinde lives.  At a chance meeting with Temi, at a local function, Peter and Christine got to know about the water poverty alleviation and menstrual hygiene outreach projects Hope Spring does.

Ade Adewunmi


Ade Adewumi is chartered Accountant by profession at ISSY Investment Ltd.  He is an Associate of the Institute of Financial Accountant (UK), ACCA and MIPA. From an early age Ade derives satisfaction in solving other people’s issues. He particularly loves helping to make people happy, without expecting anything in return