Hope Spring volunteer Mrs Hameedah Balogun and children of Adeba Community
Coordinate of Adeba-Lekki Community

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Adeba-Lekki Community Borehole Water System

The people of Adeba-Lekki community were grateful and very happy with their borehole powered clean water system. It was completed in April 2024. The project was on Hope Spring to do list for the year, but there were no guarantees that we will do the project as it was subject to finding a sponsor or the funding. 

 The community were lucky, because friends of Babara and Mathew were looking for a clean water project, to give the couple as a wedding gift.  With the funding in place, the community was tasked with finding a suitable location for the borehole and the water collection area.  Community leader Mr Busay and other members of the Adeba-Lekki got together to identify a location that is most convenient for the two hundred strong community members. 

 With the location identified, team Hope Spring led by lead volunteer in Lagos state Mrs Hameedah Balogin sprang into action.  Geo survey of the read was done, a drilling contractor engaged and the borehole drilling was completed within two days. 

 Scaffolding to hold the 1,500 litre tank was put in place and a plumbing contractor engaged to pipe the water from the borehole into the tank. Gravity then feeds the water through pipes to the water collection area.  The project was completed just in time, to make Barbara and Mathew a selfless wedding present on the 5th of April, 2024.   The project is expected to serve the community with millions of litres of water. 


Pictures from Adeba-Lekki Borehole Project