The radio program was an interactive section between the host and the guest after highlighting the challenges faced in accessing clean water in Enugu amid COVID-19 by Ifeoma. Also emphasising how the campaign works towards alleviating water poverty in Enugu through advocacy approach.

What should individuals and private companies do to ensure availability of water in workplaces before holding the government accountable?

Temple: Accountability is likened to a ladder. The employer is responsible for water provision to the staff. The staff have the right to ask the employer question as regards water provision in the workplace

During an interview we had with the hospital board administrator he said they are working very hard to provide water in some of the hospitals across the state. It is very important that water is made available to employees especially in this period of covid19 where hand wash is key to prevention. 

Who is saddled with the responsibility to ensure that private companies provide clean water to consumers? 

Temple: Since the water law has not been established the Enugu state water regulatory commission which ought to regulate the affairs of water supply in Enugu state has not been set up there is no one to hold accountable for water supplied by water tankers. which is delaying the progress that ought to be made in the water sector. There is a need to pass the bill as a speedy relief measure in COVID-19 period by the State House of Assembly.

What are the CSOs doing to ensure passage of the water bill? 

Mr Ogbodo: The aim of the #ClaimYourWaterRights campaign is to sensitize Enugu the lag in the passage of the water bill which will aid the provision of water to them. 

Mr Temple: Enugu residents have a role to play because everyone is an advocate for championing the cause for water provision. This radio programme is one of the ways we are urging the government to pass the water bill.  #ClaimYourWaterRights campaign has created a platform to amplify their voices of the concerned citizen who wants to make an impact. The information is made available on what their rights are and how they should be holding the government accountable. The campaign is open for all to join and hold the government accountable, it is not limited to a certain group of people. 

Do you think this WASH program has been able to make an impact in Enugu state? 

Temple: The program is an eye-opener to Enugu State residents to be aware of their water rights and what to do. 

The government who are duty bearers are not even aware that they should respect the rights of the citizens and that the citizens can demand their rights from them

The abattoir in the state initially source their water from a contaminated well, this campaign team were able to engage the state government who eventually made sure the abattoir was reconnected to pipe-borne water. 

Mr Ogbodo: citizens need to get involved in issues of governance. It is important to take responsibility and understand that the governor might not be aware of everything happening in the state, hence citizens need to bring their attention to any anomaly around the State

Response from Caller

Decency from Agbani: in Agbani we buy water for 30 naira for 25 litres of water, we do not see any impacts made by local government chairmen. I have been held in a private hospital for over a month after my wife was delivered of a baby because I cannot pay their exorbitant fee, this is all because the government hospitals are not functional.