We employed the services of a local contractor to construct a groundwater well that provides clean water supply. 

Why Alluikro Village

Alluikro village had not a single well to cater for the water needs of its inhabitants. To get themselves drinkable water, the people of Alluikro had to walk a distance of 1.5 kilometers to a neighboring community. Sadly, it is the case in Alluikro village that the burden of getting consumable water for the family falls on women and children. A phenomenon that has contributed to the fact that the two delicate arms of the family are usually the worst hit from the anguish of poverty.  

Constraining access to the village as a result of bad road network and poor communication further contribute to the plight of the villagers as movement from and into the village is far from smooth. 

About Alluikro Village

The village of Alluikro is located in the central region of Cote d’Ivoire and  170 kilometres from Abidjan, the major urban centre of the West Africa country. It is home to about 1000 people. 

Accessibility to clean water was known to be an overwhelming challenge for the inhabitants of Alluikro as they had to travel an enormous distance to get consumable well water.   


The Project

A visit to the village by the members of Hope Spring Water CI revealed the plight of the villagers to us and from that point we have made it our responsibility to provide solutions to the clean water challenges faced by the people of Alluikro. After a necessary consultation with the villagers, we embarked on the construction of a well.  

Through  Hope Spring Water sponsorship, Alluikro villagers now have improved access to consumable water. 

Project Impact

Time taken to fetch drinkable water is one of the factors used in measuring the standard of living of a household.  The longer it takes, the lower the household’s living standard. It will take some time to gather empirical evidence of the impacts of this project, however it is projected to reduce the amount of distance traveled as well as time taken to fetch consumable water  by each household in Alluikro village and thus improve their standard of living. 

With no more shortage of consumable water close by thanks to Hope Spring Water intervention, women and children of Alluikro will also have more time they can spend on other productive activities rather than trekking distances to access water.


Project Sustainability

The local residents and members of Hope Spring Water CI, who are equipped with the knowledge of WASH and related matters, have been entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring regular maintenance of the well. 


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