Most people receive greeting cards, and sometimes birthday gifts on our birthday. Very few people receive a life changing gift whether from friends or family. Now, turn all the aforementioned on its head. This time, it is the birthday boy who is giving the gift.
The gift he is giving, is a life changing, extraordinary gift, that will benefit not one person but a community of more than one hundred people. The gift; a borehole powered safe, clean water system. The lucky beneficiary of this extraordinary gift is a community in the Ifo local government area of Ogun state, Nigeria.

Hope Spring water Nigeria was chosen as the bearer of the gift to the lucky community. The gentleman who gave this gift gave it to mark his fortieth birthday, in JUly 2024. Giving such a large and selfless gift is consistent with the trend we have seen at Hope Spring water recently.

In March, we completed a borehole powered clean water system which was a gift from popular Nigerian musician Ayrra Star. You can read more about this awesome gifts here.In the April of the same year, a couple were given a present of clean water as a wedding gift, you can read more about this fantastic wedding present here.
You too can give the gift of clean water. It could be a birthday gift, a wedding gift or just a gift because you know the importance of safe, clean water to people that do now have it. Contact Hope Spring and let’s get the conversation started. If you are not able to fund a whole clean water system, you can send our charity birthday eCards or a Christmas eCard and make a donation to our clean water projects.