Femi Soewu now has over 1,000 Likes on his Facebook page. He has been kind enough to accept my challenge to him to run Amsterdam Marathon in support of Hope Spring Water.


I am training for the Amsterdam marathon as a challenge. Part of that challenge is to help raise awareness for the…

Posted by Femi Soewu onĀ Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Having just hit the ripe young age of 52 years, Femi Soewu threw a challenge to his friends and acquaintances: “help me achieve 1,000 likes on Facebook, and you in turn can challenge me to anything that is normally out of my comfort zone”.

Though Femi’s Facebook page is yet to hit 1,000 Likes, I have provisionally challenged him to run a half marathon or a full marathon for Hope Spring, a Water and sanitation charity I co-founded with my friend Abbey Longe.

Please Like Femi’s page on Facebook and share this post so that we can get him the 1,000 FB likes he is after and he in turn can run and fundraise for Hope Spring Water.

Raise funds for Hope Spring by pledging your birthday.