Christmas 2017 Charity ecards

The online electronic Christmas cards, popularly known as ecards, were a fundraising success during Christmas 2017. Hope Spring Water supporters and volunteers sent Christmas greetings to their friends and loved ones, using Hope Spring’s ecard platform.
Users of the platform choose from over thirty ecards, which they can personalise and send to anyone with a valid email address, a small donation is then made to Hope Spring’s Water Poverty alleviation project.

The Christmas ecards platform was developed for Hope Spring by one of the charity’s volunteers, Mr Evgeniy Garkaviy. The ecard platform also includes sections for sending birthday ecards, valentines day ecards and a new section for Islamic holiday ecards is being developed so that Eid Mubarak and ecards to celebrate other popular Eids are available.

The Hope Spring Water Charity ecard platform is an environment friendly alternative to traditional paper based cards. More that one billion traditional paper based cards are sent in the UK every year. Thousands of trees are felled to create the cards, envelops and the stamps used to post them.

Top 5 Christmas ecards 2017

Here are the most popular Christmas ecards on the Hope Spring Water Charity Christmas ecard platform in 2017:

1. Christmas ecard number 1
2. Christmas ecard number 2
3. Christmas ecard number 3
4. Christmas ecard number 5
5. Christmas ecard number 5