The rationale behind this project which is to alleviate period poverty by making girls and women have a hitch free menstruation and introducing to Nigeria, a reusable pad with less waste and Kind to the environment was stated.

Millions of girls have absented themselves from school as a result of menstrual poverty

About Menstrual Hygiene Management Workshop 2022

On October 2022, Hope Spring Water Charity Foundation trained Daisies Academy, Dakwo village Abuja students on how to make reusable menstrual pad and educate them on menstrual hygiene. This idea was created based on the knowledge that thousands of girls absent themselves from school due to period poverty

The Project

‘’The project themed Menstrual Hygiene Management Workshop 2022’’.The project was carried out at Daisies Academy, Dakwo village Abuja at about 10 am prompt on 5th of October 2022. 70 girls were in attendance. Four female volunteers, 1 male volunteer and four teachers. It was an interactive section between the girls and the instructors. The girls were lectured on proper Menstrual Hygiene Management, the do’s and don’ts during menstruation and how to stay healthy during menstruation.

We also explained reusable pads as a sustainable alternative to disposable pads. Unlike disposable pads, reusable pads are reused and could last 2-5 years if properly maintained. The social, economic and environmental benefits of reusable pads was also explained to the girls

Project Impact

We introduced to the girls the materials and equipment needed to make a reusable pad. We also explained the steps and how to make a reusable pad. The girls asked several questions during the practical section and they got answers.We proceeded to the practical aspects. After we we sewed two reusable pads, the girls proceeded to cut and sew their reusable pads with a hand needle and thread. The volunteers assisted them in cutting the fabric and Each girl made their pads themselves.They were given menstrual bags and pad drafting patterns to make reusable pads at home and also to teach their friends, siblings and neighbors. Which we believe will increase our impacts



Project Sustainablility

This initiative will help alleviate period poverty. Reduce school absenteeism by keeping more girls in school during menstruation to complete their education. Also introducing eco-friendly menstrual materials that reduces waste.