Donate in Memory of a Loved one

Donate to Hope Spring Charity in the memory of a loved one.

Choosing to honour your loved one by donating to support our water projects is a special way to remember them and a great way to continue their story.

The Difference Your Donation Makes

There are many West African communities with unspeakably poor access to safe and clean water that the people living in these communities have to travel long distances to fetch water for household consumption.

Usually, this burden of providing the water needs for the household falls on women and children.

Hope Spring Water Charity provides water to regions in dire need of water across West Africa and every pound you donate will help us give these people water and thus bring comfort to the women and children specifically and the communities at large.

Different Ways To Donate To Hope Spring Charity In Memory Of A Loved One

Funeral Collections

As a special way of remembering a loved one, many families collect donations in memory at a loved one’s funeral or celebration of life

Fundraise in memory of a loved one

You can organise an event in memory of a loved one to celebrate their life and raise money to support Hope Spring Water.

Frequently Ask Questions

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    How can I donate online?

    Donating online is very easy. Just visit our donation page, , select a one-off donation and follow the process to the end.

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    Can I write a cheque or make a direct bank transfer?

    Yes, please contact us via email: to obtain our bank details.

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    How can I make a donation in memory of someone?

    You can donate online here or you pay in funeral collections here or you organise a fundraiser in memory of someone here.


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