Ending Open Defecation in Nigeria – A panel of experts give their opinion

Following a recent conference on open defecation, organised by Hubcity innovative in Abuja.    Hope Spring Water’s a Bolu Olorunfemi, canvassed opinion from experts and professionals in WASH, on how open defecation can be reduced or completely eradicated in Nigeria.

Possible solution suggested by experts and WASH professionals varies from technological solution to better funding and increased provision of toilet facilities. 

Temi Odurinde

Temi is a WaSH advocate and the founder of Hope Spring Water.  Temi has worked in various capacities within the WASH sector. Some of his previous roles include project management on well and borehole projects, fundraising and general WASH advocacy.

I think the solution to ending open defecation lies with al all of us. And of course government at every level have an important part to pay. Local governments can help by building more toilets in their locality. State government can help the local government by funding toilets, where the local government is not able to fund it. And the federal government, perhaps through the ministry of health and or environment should set provision of public toilet targets for each state. And make the funding available to build the toilets.

Owners of shops and other facilities could be incentivised to allow the use of their toilet facilities by non customers. That would go someway to helping people caught short to use such facility instead of the streets.