Although water is a human right, many Nigerian citizens are not aware of their water rights. #ClaimYourWaterRights is a sensitization campaign that aims to mobilise grassroots communities to claim their water rights, especially in this Covid-19 pandemic when regular handwashing is very essential.

The COVID outbreak made the #ClaimYourWaterRights diversifies its approach into a campaign to ensure adequate WASH facilities in health sectors which is often lacking in most Nigerian Hospitals and health centres.

The vox pop from 4 health care workers confirmed they lack access to clean safe water. They rely on rainwater in the rainy season and buy water in the dry season. No adequate toilet facilities in their various hospitals, they either defecate openly and rarely use the toilet because of the unavailability of water to maintain it.

Doctor Ossai, one of the guests, discussed the importance of water and hygienic environment to health care delivery and control of infection.

He said, If we can get our acts correct as far as the water supply is concerned, we are almost more than 60 % controlling most of the diseases that burden us many of which are water associated or water-related. We will go a long way in controlling most of these endemic diseases in our environment.

When answering the question of the point in which intervention takes place in health care facilities operating systems. He claimed a law on water supply has been made by the government for the first time last year, which is gradually being implemented. Water and solar power were provided to the general hospital.

Comrade Omeh’s comment on what it is like for health workers to work water. He said We use water as the primary agent for maintaining a hygienic and sterile environment. Water is very important for the health worker because when water is not available it stops the job of the doctor, the nurse and every other health worker.

When discussing public-private partnership in ensuring the availability of water. He said some philanthropies have assisted while an NGO sited a borehole in a community (Enugu Ezike) water for a hospital, which reticulated into the hospital. It was mismanaged and now it is not functional.

However, maintenance is key to the sustainability of any water project.

Callers feedback and contributions 

Ifeanyi – “Water is life but in Igbo-Eze south, we are finding it difficult to get water. If there’s any way that the government can help us, we will be happy.

Destiny – “water is what we need right now. If they can enforce right on the water, it would go a long way because a lot of people need it.