Hope Spring, in conjunction with some generous donors, has embarked on a clean water project in a secondary school in Ilorin, an ancient town located in the northern part of Nigeria. The project will ensure that the students, teaching and non-teaching staff of Governor Day Junior and Senior Secondary School, Ilorin (GDJSS) as well as the community of Agbabiaka where the school is located will have easy access to safe drinking water. 

The project which is officially scheduled to commence fully in March of the year 2022 is estimated to be completed within four weeks. 

According to Dr Ramaht Adebisi, a spokesperson for the Hope Spring’s team in charge of this project, the GDJSS water project is set to bring succour to the students and staff of Governor Day Junior and Senior Secondary School, Ilorin and the community will greatly benefit from having improved access to potable water. She said “the GDJSS project will provide clean water which will enhance good hygiene in the school and the community and will make learning and teaching more comfortable and enjoyable for the students and their teachers”.

This particular project is the first project to be undertaken by Hope spring in 2022 and one out of numerous clean water projects the charity has sponsored over the years. “The GDJSS project will improve access to WASH services in the school by solving the problem of scarcity of water because the borehole will ensure that water is available year-round.” said Dr Ramaht.   

Among projects that Hope Spring sponsored last year include: a provision of a clean-water well  for Alluikro village in Cote d’Ivoire, construction of a borehole in Gofor village in Sierra Leone and construction of borehole at Ijana Agangbo-Ota – a town in western part of Nigeria. The funds for all these projects came mainly from donations from the Hope Spring supporters, most especially people that send birthday ecards on our platform. 


Students of GDJSS, Ilorin, Nigeria.