Business Christmas e-cards that transforms lives forever

If your business believes in giving a meaningful Christmas gift that your client and stakeholders can be proud of, read. Sending our environmentally friendly Christmas e-cards will see your Christmas greetings card budget transform lives in a way your company and stakeholders would love.

Personalised Christmas e-cards for companies

Personalised Christmas e-cards for individuals

Why Hope Spring companies Christmas e-cards?

Because at Hope Spring Water Charity, we believe in spreading joy, alleviating water poverty, empowering women and girls and making a positive impact on our planet. This Christmas, support us in giving the gift of clean water and love by sending one of our environmentally friendly charity Christmas ecards.
Our ecard packages are designed for businesses large or small, individuals can send them too.
You can also request a custom package if you prefer something different.

Personalised e-Cards for Companies

Our personalised Christmas e-cards are thoughtfully designed for companies to convey heartfelt messages of gratitude to clients, staff, and stakeholders. Choose from our range of e-cards or video e-cards. Your choice can be personalised with your company logo and a tailor-made message. We can also make amendments, such as changing the background colour to align with your branding. Browse our Christmas e-card and video e-card designs below and follow the instructions to place your order or have us call you to discuss your need.

Do you prefer an exclusive and unique design just for your company? We can help. Our bespoke Christmas e-card design service can take care of that. For bespoke e-card exclusively tailored for your company brand, reach out to us directly at

Personalised e-Cards for Businesses

You can do much more with a business Christmas video e-card. Choose from some of our Christmas video greetings or have us create an exclusive video for your company. Creating a new video takes much longer than customising and personalising some of our existing videos. Whatever option you choose, we have a feeling your staff and client will find the Christmas video exciting.

Personalised e-Cards for Individuals

For individuals and families who wish to send a personalised charity Christmas eCard, you may do so.
This page however is for companies and organisations.

You can find e-cards for individuals on our personal Christmas charity e-card page.
You can personalise individual Christmas e-cards with unique words, font style and of course your own heartfelt Christmas wishes.

Place Your Order for Personalised Digital Christmas Cards in 3 Steps

1. Choose Your Design:

Select your preferred design from the options provided below. Click on the thumbnail image to view the order number and product information. Please note that while some cards can be fully edited, others may only allow text customisation.

2. Email Your Completed Order Form:

Download our order form, fill it out with your details, and send it to to place your

3. Decide on Your Donation Level:

We recommend the following donations, you may however choose to donate more or less than the recommended amount:

📌 Micro Enterprise: This includes freelancers, sole traders, partnership and limited liability companies.
Suggested donation £100 or more.

📌 Small Enterprise: Sole traders, partnership and limited liability companies.
Suggested donation £250 or more.

📌 Medium Enterprise: Businesses with 5 to 50 staff or thereabout.
Suggested donation: £500

📌 Large Enterprise: Businesses employing over 50 staff.
Suggested donation: £1,000

Order Turnaround

We aim to provide a proof of your e-card for approval within two weeks of placing your order. If you require a quicker turnaround, simply inform us, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
For further assistance or any questions about our ecards, please contact us at
or +44 (0)1981 541 339

Contact Us: Let’s make a difference in Christmas 2023

If you need further assistance or have any question about our companies Christmas e-cards, please don’t hesitate to contact us at With your help, we can improve lives by alleviating water poverty.