5K Fun Run at Queenswood

Sunday 14th October 2018

Fundraising Events – Fundraise for Hope Spring Water

Fundraising for Hope Spring Water is a fulfilling way of participating in an activity you enjoy, while raising money to support Hope Spring charity. If you enjoy sports or other physically challenging activities, you can join a fun run, a cycling event or even an expedition to the top of Africa;s highest mountain: mount Kilimanjaro.

If you prefer a more genteel fundraising activity, you can participate in a storytelling event, a tea and coffee morning or other ativiites that does not involve running, cycling or climbing.

You can even organise your own fundrasing event, in support of Hope Spring! If you have a fundraising idea you would like to disucss with us, please get in touch, via our contact form, we will be happy to support you. All Hope Spring events could be found on www.hopespringevents.co.uk.

Upcoming fundraising events in support of Hope Spring Water

Walk For Water


30th July 2018

Jenny’s Saturday Lunch


22nd September 2018

Santas Run


16th December 2018

Queenswood Fun Run


14 October 2018

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