Create a Facebook birthday fundraiser

One of the most fulfilling ways to mark or celebrate your birthday could be raising money for Hope Spring water charity. Just think of the water-poor people your birthday fundraiser could help. It is very easy to use your birthday to fundraise, you can do it on Facebook just by a few clicks.

How facebook birthday fundraiser works

Facebook birthday fundraising is an invention created by Facebook in, 2017, where people can dedicate their birthday to raise funds and support the causes they love. Some years back, a percentage was charged for an operational fee from the donation, this has been cancelled for non-profit.

To dedicate your birthday to your favourite charities, you need to have a correct record of your birthday with Facebook, This will make it easier. Also, have in mind the target amount you would love to raise.

It is important to note that only some people from a certain country location can create a Facebook fundraiser.

Steps to create a Facebook non-profit fundraiser

Some few days to your birthday, Facebook shows you a notification to fundraise for any charity of your choice.

1. To get started, click on the fundraiser icon in the news feed section of your Facebook page and select raise money

2. Facebook asks who you are raising money for, Select non-profit and type Hope Spring Water in the search section.

Input the amount you would love to raise and set your fundraiser end date click on next.

3. Fill in the purpose of raising the fund more like a descriptive story and click on next
4. Choose the cover photo and click on create
5. You get a congratulation notification of your published fundraiser, you can then share with all your friends on Facebook.

Facebook non-profit payment is very easy, you can either use PayPal or other payment methods

6. For a birthday fundraiser, your friends get a notification to donate for that cause and it ends that same day at midnight.

The people your fundraiser for Hope Spring could help

Water lacking people: Your fundraising will help Hope Spring provide safe clean water for more underprivileged communities in Africa.

Young girls missing school because of period poverty: Aside from given girls pads which would finish eventually, Hope Spring trains school girls and women to make their reusable pads which are more sustainable.

The vulnerable and the poor: Hope Spring partners with some organisations to assist the vulnerable with food and other materials your fundraising will help reach more people.

Birthdays come once in a year with a lot of wishes from friends and families. You can make your big day special and impactful by raising funds for Hope Spring Water charity on Facebook and contributing to helping the vulnerable and the less privileged.

People that have make donation to Hope Spring with their birthday