How to set up a fundraising page

Are you organising or participating in an event that raises money for Hope Spring?  Here are the steps you need to follow to set up a fundraising page. A well set up fundraising page, will go a long way towards helping you to achieve your goals.

Fundraising summary

Make this as succinct as possible. This is what potential donors and sponsors of your fundraising event will see first. Remember the dictum that first impression counts. Get to the heart of why you are raising money, the difference it will make and why their donation matters to you.

Set a target

Setting a target gives you and your supporters a goal to focus on. Make your target ambitious and realistic, but not too ambitious to the extent that it is unrealistic. You should aim for the minimum you are sure you can raise easily. In fundraising circles, it is said that setting a target can increase your page value by almost 50%.

A picture tells a thousand words

Include a picture or an image that tell the story of what you want to achieve with your fundraising.  Research suggests that people respond positively to pictures of other people.  Tell your story with your own picture and or pictures of the people or event you are fundraising for. If you need help with engaging pictures, you can ask Hope Spring for help.

Tell your story in detail

You can tell your story in detail with slightly more information in the summary. Let potential supporters and sponsors know what the cause mean to you. Let them know the changes you are trying to bring about. You can include examples such as the number of children that will have access to safe, clean water if you meet your target.

Updates to keep them informed

You should update your fundraising page, each time you hit a milestone. For example if you are training for a marathon, let them know how your training is going. When your fundraising hit a significant milestone, let them know. Making them part of the fundraising journey make them feel part of your fundraising journey.

Include offline donations

It is easy to forget that donations you received in cash or cheque are part of your overall fundraising. Remember to include them in your fundraising page, so that all you effort will be reflected on your page.

Create a fundraising page using Virgin Money Giving

If you need help with anything, or at any point in your event and fundraising. Team Hope Spring is always happy to help and support you. Get in touch with us.

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