We will normally be putting finishing touches to our 5K Fun Run. But the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic means that so many events – raising such important funds for water poverty alleviation could not go ahead.

But by taking on the 2.6 Challenge, you can still make a difference to water poverty alleviation whilst keeping fit!

What Is The 2.6 Challenge?

The 2.6 Challenge starts on Sunday 26 April. It is a nationwide event that you can do anywhere – including your home or your garden

The challenge can be anything you like – as long as it has the number 26 in it! All you need to do is think of an activity, donate or fundraise with us, and complete your challenge, starting Sunday 26 April.

Here are some wonderful ideas to get you thinking:

  • holding a plank for 2.6 minutes
  • pledging to run/cycle 2.6 miles as your daily exercise
  • Do 26 presseups.

Whatever you do, make sure you follow government guidelines on exercise and social distancing.

If you raise or donate at least £50, you can have a medal!