Volunteer with Hope Spring

Volunteers bring a diverse range of knowledge and experience to a charitable organisation. Without the millions of hours of man power donated to charities by volunteers in the UK every year, some of the most worthwhile causes across the nation would not be able to provide much needed services to the community. Hope Spring water is no exception.

We rely on the good will of volunteers to get some of our work done. We are always looking for talented people like you, who are able to give some of their time to move Hope Spring forward. We are looking for a range of skills from people who are able to coordinate events to social media whizzes, who can help build our community online.

I want to volunteer, what is in it for me?

Apart from the warm glow and the nice fuzzy satisfaction that comes with knowing that you are making a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged people, you will pick up new skills, use skills and experiences you already have, and get recognition for your contribution in form of certificates or testimonials for work you have done for Hope Spring.

Students looking for work experience and work placements particularly find volunteering a great way to build up their portfolio of skills and experiences. You can find information about the skills and current volunteering opportunities listed on top of this page. If the kind of role you are looking for is not listed, you are still invited to contact Hope Spring and let us know the talent you could bring to our organisation.