Give with bing is a feature that allows you to donate to any charity of your choice by searching on bing. Give  with Bing is available in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia, Germany Spain and Italy. This is a Microsoft reward feature that allows you to gain points by using Microsoft products and services. The points accumulated for searching or using microsoft products and services can be redeemed for non profit donations and gifts.

How to start giving with Bing

  1. Download bing

2. First you need to sign up to join microsoft rewards and give with bing. It is very simple, easy and fast


Sign in with your email, phone number or Skype account.

Input your password and sign in.


3. Choose your non profit: There are several non profit you can donate your point to. About 1.4 million charities are listed. That means you can donate to any non profit of your choice, especially non profit organisations  and causes you care about. 


4. Search on bing:  When you´re signed in, as you search on bing, you gain points. The point turned into cash for your cause. 


Microsoft reward give with bing allows Bing users to convert reward points into donation currency to be donated towards a cause of their choice. When you select any organisation, they receive cash donation from your searches on bing.

Why give with bing?

It is a great way to donate to a good cause without opening your wallet. You accumulate points through your searches in bing

Give with bing gives you an opportunity to give to both international and local charities. About 1.4 million charities can be found.

It also means you´re helping others by just searching on bing. Through your search and donation, donating to a good cause and making the world a better place

Why don´t you use bing and donate your points to Hope Spring Water. By doing so, you´re helping communities experiencing water poverty access clean, safe water. Sign up to Microsoft reward, search and give with bing!