Donate Your Zakat for Our Clean Water Projects

Donate to Hope Spring Charity to give clean water that transform lives.

Your zakat will help give clean water to dozens of communities and hundreds of people in West Africa.

About Us

There are many West African communities with unspeakably poor access to safe and clean water that the people living in these communities have to travel long distances to fetch water for household consumption.

Usually, this burden of providing the water needs for the household falls on women and children.

Hope Spring Water Charity provides water to regions in dire need of water across West Africa and every pound you donate will help us give these people water and thus bring comfort to the women and children specifically and the communities at large.

We target water poverty alleviation efforts in communities that are having difficulties accessing safe clean water. Our assistance to a community can be in the form of a well, borehole construction, or rainwater harvesting training.

How We Work

We typically work in partnership with community leaders and an institution of learning such as a school or a university, who deliver a sanitation and hygiene workshop as part of a project.

The Impact Your Donation Will Make

Your donation will help give safe clean water to dozens of communities and hundreds of people in the part of Africa Hope Spring works. You can read more about some of Hope Spring water projects here.

Our Promise To You

100% of your donation to Hope Spring goes directly  into funding our clean water and sanitation projects in West Africa. Because Hope Spring water is a volunteer-led organisation. We do not pay salaries. Our overheads are extremely low.

Frequently Ask Questions

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    How can I donate online?

    Donating online is very easy. Just visit our donation page, , select a one-off donation and follow the process to the end.

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    Can I write a cheque or make a direct bank transfer?

    Yes, please contact us via email: to obtain our bank details.


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