Nigerians were not prepared for the outbreak of Covid-19, as a lot of people believed it’s a myth and some would even say ‘’It can’t thrive in Nigeria because Nigeria weather wouldn’t allow it’’ Suddenly COVID-19 broke out which led to the death of a top Nigeria leader. When the lockdown was declared by the Nigerian government, it caught several people unaware.

Effect of COVID lockdown on the most vulnerable people
The lockdown as a result of COVID-19 pandemic affects almost everything and everyone in Nigeria. The drop-down in the international oil price has a huge effect on the government, Businesses and vendors are held on hold to curb the spread of the virus. The lockdown has led to the following in Nigeria.

Extreme Hunger: For the vulnerable, the COVID lockdown has led to extreme hunger for many people and family. Since people are forced to stay at home without working with no palliative it translates to hunger for many families and people in Nigeria.

Some weeks ago, a truck carrying food was hijacked by a group of people in Abuja. Both men and women rushed to carry theirs this is as a result of the severe hunger people are experiencing.

Increase in crime rate: In many states in Nigeria, many people can not sleep at night because of the increase in the rate of stealing. Bags and phones are snatched away from owners.

A taxi driver in Abuja naked himself crying after being caught by the police for working during the lockdown. He said in tears ‘’How would I feed my wife and children in the lockdown without working’’ he expressed his discomfort as a result of the lockdown.

Increase in the cost of Food: Since the lockdown has started, most vendors and businesses can’t travel to stock up their shop hence, a high increase in the cost of virtually everything. This made it impossible for the vulnerable to afford basic things particularly food.

Some families’ feeding standard has reduced, while some parents flog their kids whenever they ask for food.

Hope Spring & TWC Outreach
Knowing what the vulnerable people are facing particularly women and children this period, made Hope Spring Water and Twc (Together We Care) engage in a COVID-19 outreach to assist the most vulnerable people in need with basic food supply and other materials.

These two charities have jointly helped 100 Vulnerable people in Ilorin with the provision of major food supplies needed for some time during this lockdown period.

TWC Founder Mrs M.A. Oladosu said ‘’Based on what TWC Charity stands for, helping the vulnerable, TWC in collaboration with Hope Spring Water decided to relieve the most vulnerable with the basic food and materials needed during this lockdown period’’.

People and Communities Helped
The lockdown alleviation was done around Akata Ilorin, Kwara State to help the most vulnerable people, the physically challenged, women, aged and orphans. The beneficiaries were full of appreciation to TWC and Hope Spring for their kind gesture and assistance.

How You Can Be of Help
If you love what we’re doing or have a heart of helping the vulnerable especially during this COVID period, you can collaborate with us as an individual or an organisation to put a smile on the faces of the vulnerable and make the world a better place. To partner with us contact us here!