#HearingTheUnheardHRWS aims to raise awareness for vulnerable groups who are left behind in accessing their WASH needs.  WASH key stakeholders are encouraged to share their views on how to increase WASH access to vulnerable groups and how to take action.


There is a huge need for clean water in most developing countries of the world. With this campaign the voice of marginalized communities will be heard as regards their WASH needs. 


According to WHO, more than 2 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water services  and an estimated 4.2 billion people lack safely managed sanitation services globally. 


In Sub Saharan Africa 33% of the population lack access to basic drinking water services. Also 71% of the population lack access to basic sanitation services. Women and children are responsible for collecting water, spending an estimated 40 billion hours a year on this task.


Unape Alewa community Apo abuja is one of the marginalized communities with no access to clean safe water. The only source of water in Unape Alewa is a stream that also serves as a watering hole for cattle. This has exposed them, especially children  to various water borne illnesses. Women and children walk miles to fetch water wasting a larger part of their productive time


According to Mr Andrew, a resident of Unape community ¨We have no other source of water. This is the water we take, God knows the condition we are in, that is why he has been protecting us. We pray people with human sympathy will come and dig borehole for us¨


Hope spring Water has written a letter to the authorities about the plight of Unape Alewa Apo village. We request for the collaboration and partnership of the international community/UN to give sustainable water solutions to Unape Alewa community .

Hope Spring water has donated a million naira for the borehole project and we have created a crowdfunding page to for Unape people. You can donate here.