Coordinate of Ifeloju community

 GPS Coordinates of the community:

6.635958740062615, 3.3159469387774303

Why Ifeloju community

Ifeloju Community in Agege has long grappled with the challenge of accessing safe and reliable drinking water. Despite this community being a thriving neighbourhood and its centre in Agege, Ifeloju residents have faced challenges in obtaining clean water. Over the years, the women and children of Ifeloju have taken long trips carrying the jerry cans as they walk miles to get water. It is not uncommon that most times, the water they manage to fetch is contaminated and unsafe.The toll is not only physical but also economic and emotional, as hours spent fetching water detract from opportunities for education, work, and social engagement.The decision to focus on Ifeloju was driven by the pressing need for water accessibility in the community, recognizing it as a fundamental human right.

The community head has said their main problem is clean drinking water.They do have well water but it’s shallow and contaminated, and can only be used for washing clothes.

The project

The project involved the drilling and construction of a borehole with 2,000 litres capacity to offer a sustainable source of safe drinking water for the community. It was tactically located to ensure the ease of access by everybody with minimal effort of walking distances to fetch water. In addition to this, training workshops on basic maintenance and hygiene practices were organised to empower the community members to sustain the project in the long term.

Project Imapct

The impact of the project goes beyond the physical infrastructure. It was felt in the smiles of children as they filled their cups for the first time with clean, clear water. Without a doubt, the butterfly effect of Hope Spring’s borehole project was immense, catering to about 500 households. Ensuring access to clean water will help to improve Ifeloju residents’ health, by significantly cutting waterborne diseases. This will also create new avenues for economic empowerment for them as time wasted fetching water will now be utilised in education, entrepreneurship and community development. The project will also strengthen community cohesion, fostering a sense of unity and cooperation among Ifeloju residents as they work together to maintain the borehole and uphold hygiene standards.
At the handing over ceremony, in the speech given by the chairman of Ifeloju community, he appreciated Hope Spring Water saying this project will significantly improve access to clean water also enhancing the health and well-being of the residents.


Where the donation is from

Sources of funds for the Ifeloju Borehole Project were drawn from both local and international donors. Hope Spring gave significant financial and logistical help to the project as an non-profit org that aims to provide clean water solutions to the poor communities through its partners, namely, the Hope Spring eCards and the Ozami birthday eCards. The digital campaigns and partnerships of both these organisations were used to raise money and awareness for the project. Through these innovative platforms, individuals can send personalised eCards for different occasions that contribute to both clean water and improved livelihoods in Africa. Every eCard sent is a genuine expression of kindness and empathy which also embodies the charitable movement by Hope Spring Water Charity that is to bring positive change through people’s actions.

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