Isale Oja Agege Borehole Project

Why Isale Oja Agege

In most of the communities in Agege, there is a high scarcity of water, especially with the construction of the new rail network that destroyed most of the public water network. This increased the uneasiness associated with getting safe water. Consequently, water demand has gone up since then.

The increased demand for water caused the very few commercial wells around to become overused and expensive. Water scarcity in the community makes people queue daily to fetch water. Aside from the stress they pass through in fetching water, the water they fetch is not clean and safe, as they need to apply alum to it before they use it for food and household chores.


About Isale Oja Agege


Agege is a residential area on the Mainland in Lagos State. It is said to house over 600,000 people of different ethnicities and foreigners. Isale Oja is one of the major divisions of Agege, with about 1/4 of the Agege population. Agege is known for its Kola Nut Plantation. When the Kola Nut plantations in the Agege area started to flourish, it attracted huge settlements. Agege experienced rapid development and became a powerful center of the kola nut trade. These settlements attracted different people of different backgrounds and interests, such as laborers, and most of these were Hausa. 


The Project

The water scarcity in Isale Oja Agege made Hope Spring come to their aid by digging a borehole for the community. The borehole project brought water closer to the community, and it will reduce the daily queue people go through to access water. 



Project Impact

The time wasted fetching water will be reduced in the Isale Oja Agege community. Women can focus on their businesses and work while their children don’t have to go to school late because of water scarcity. The water project will improve their health and well being as water borne illnesses in the community will decrease, especially among children. 


Project Sustainability

The project will directly benefit about 600 people. The project will promote effective hygiene promotion messages in the community and institutional environments, respectively. Isale Oja residents and  leaders of the community, have been entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring regular maintenance of the borehole. 



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