About Kent Village Project

Kent villiage is a coastal fishing village around the peninsular in the Western Area Rural District of Sierra Leone. Kent lies approximately thirty miles east of Freetown. Kent is known for its large beaches and its strong fishing community.

The population of Kent is estimated at 1,804 residents and is ethnically diverse. The major industry in Kent is fishing, coal mining and tourism.


WASH Status in Kent Village

Access to safe drinking water has and is always being a serious challenge to Kent town Sierra Leone. The end of the rainy season marks the beginning of the struggle to get Clean safe water in the Kent community. Women and children are the major victims of this water scarcity. They walk miles each day in search of water for their domestic use.

On our arrival at Kent village in the Western Rural District, the situation is very much appalling seeing community of more than 1,804 people struggling to fetch water from a more deplorable water source dug by an 18-year-old village boy.

The water source for the Kent community was dug below the Bamboo canes and located down a hilly route from the village. A visit and sit of half an hour made me see more than 100 women and children struggling to fetch water in the well.

The Project

Having realised the water scarcity in Kent Villiage, EcoWater Solution reached out to Hope Spring Water charity. Hope Spring water came to their aid by sponsoring a hand pump borehole for the community. 

Hope Spring decided to fund two boreholes in different deprived rural communities in the western rural district Freetown Sierra Leone. One of the two communities chosen was Kent Community. 

Hope Spring water came to their aid by sponsoring a hand pump borehole for the community. 

Having decided on the water location, the water project began. The well was drilled to get enough water that would serve the community throughout the season.

After completing the water project, the borehole was handed over to the community.

Project impact

The Kent Community were full of praises to Hope Spring for providing them with sustainable water. The water project will reduce the stress women and children go through daily to get water.

The issues of rape and other incident attached to walking miles to get water will reduce

Water-related illnesses attached to drinking dirty water will also reduce, children will be able to go to school at the right time and focus on their education



Project Sustainability

Aside from providing Kent Villiage access to clean safe water, they were also taught on how to repair in case of any breakage. 

Other Stakeholders also gave their thanks speech to Hope Spring Water Charity. The water project was a life-changing experience for the people of Kent Villiage Sierra Leone.