About Kpandabu Community

Kpandabu Village is a growing community  with a popukation of 650 people located on the main bush road to the District headquarter town of Kenema, the village is in need of some basic infrastructure. There is currently no school, but area chiefs have realized the need and initiated a building project that will help reduce the distance children have to walk for an education. But a reliable, clean water source is another must for a brighter future.

Coordinate of Kpandabu Village


GPS Location of community: 7.8447938,-11.3819318
GPS of Current Water point; 7.8417291,-11.3806105
GPS of wished Water point; 7.8684746,-11.3504330

Why Kpandabu community

The community lack good clean water in which they collect water from a local swamp,sapping their energy, time, and health. After every rainfall, the swamp floods during the rainy season and community members can use it for several days. Being a growing community where people are building houses almost every day, it is very difficult for housebuilders to access water to complete their building projects because the swamp scoop hole is far away. The frequent flow of builders to the water source muddies it to the point that community members cannot use it for drinking, cooking, and bathing until they wait for sediment to settle.

Farmer Musa Bangura, 27, said, “I wake up early in the morning to fetch water from the swamp. It is not easy to collect water from the swamp because of the distance and activities at the water well. This is always putting the water in a filthy state which would not be good for drinking. I can only get clean drinking water from the swamp early in the morning when few or no one would have collected water before my arrival at the water well.”

He continued, “Life is now becoming extremely hard for me because the water in the swamp well is coming to get low, and the demand for water is going to a high demand. Currently, there is more difficulty to get drinking water. Sometimes, I go beyond this community searching for drinking water. It is not all the time I could be able or have enough time to go far for drinking water because I have other activities to do.”


As Saidu said, chores needing water are left undone because of the current water crisis. The collection lines at the swamp are long and cause delays. Petty traders who move their goods outside the community to sell lose valuable income and customers because they waste too much time fetching water each day.


Even when people can collect water, it is contaminated and not healthy to consume.


“Because people also use the swamp water well to irrigate their crops, the water becomes low in the well, which makes the water filthy. I would have to wait until the water is clean before collecting it. That delays my time at the water well and makes me late for school, which then causes problems for me with my teachers,” said Mattu, 17, shown collecting water.

She continued, “When the water is low in the swamp well, I would bend down to the ground and dip the bucket into the well to collect water. That method is difficult for me. I can also carry the water on my head to the house. Because of that, it is hard for me alone to make more than three trips of water to my house.”


A well in Kpandabu will enable community members, including the children, to accomplish their daily tasks more easily and make room for future progress.


The project

The project aims at addressing the key issues of unequal distribution and management of WASH service delivery in Kpandabu Village in Kenema District. It will scale up a sustainable and replicable integrated WASH program that has showed greater sustainability for the rural WASH development sector using SL- Pump system. By building local capacity in sustainable development, maintenance and management of essential WASH services. 

The project intends to drill one (1) water well that could expand WASH service delivery and support the local people in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for water and sanitation. The capacity of local youth will be built and promotion of equality between women and men, boys and girls in accessing and controlling facilities, services, skills and opportunities will be promoted. The project will specifically promote access to clean and safe water and sanitation services in the two communities. 

Project Imapct

It is expected that the project will directly benefit 650 people in Kpandabu village. The project will promote effective hygiene promotion messages in the communities and institutional environments respectively.



Where the donation is from

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