Kpandabu Village is a growing community situated close to the district headquarters town of Kenema. The village lacks basic infrastructure and suffers greatly from water scarcity.

Prior to the Hope Spring water project, the 650 community members collected water from a local swamp, which took their energy, time, and health. Builders also fetch water from this source. The swarm of builders at the water source muddied the water to the point where the community was affected.Members find it difficult to fetch until the water settles. They use the contaminated water for their daily needs, i.e., drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing.

According to Mr. Musa Bangura, a 27-year-old farmer,  “I wake up early in the morning to fetch water from the swamp. It is not easy to collect water from the swamp because of the distance and activities at the water well. Life is now becoming extremely hard for me because the water is running dry, and the demand for water is high¨.

As Saidu said, chores needing water are left undone because of the current water crisis. Petty traders who move their goods outside the community to sell them lose valuable income and customers because they waste too much time fetching each day.   Also the water collated is contaminated and not healthy to drink because people also use the swamp water well to irrigate their crops,

Hope Spring Water Charity came to their rescue by providing them access to safe drinking water.

The community’s people now have access to clean drinking water and are more conscious of the health effects of drinking dirty water. The women can carry out their daily activities on time, and the time wasted traveling long distances to fetch water has reduced.

The water project has also fostered social cooperation as they come together to efficiently manage the borehole and other sanitation services. The project directly benefited about 650 people in Kpandabu village. They were happy, they thanked and prayed for the organisation