Ewyard Harold-Herefordshire based long distance runner, Richard Evans  ran Hereford half marathon on the Sunday 8th May, 2022 to raise funds for Hope Spring water charity. Mr Evans, a long term supporter of Hope Spring poverty alleviation projects, put on his running shoes to complete the 13.1 miles distance through the streets of Hereford and around the surrounding villages.

About a month before the event, Richard declared his intention to participate in the Run Hereford Half Marathon 2022 to raise funds for the charity. “I am running the Hereford half marathon 2022 to support the work of Hope Spring water.” said Mr Evans.

Run Hereford Half Marathon is a feat of endurance that will take you through Herefordshire’s beautiful yet undulating countryside. Though, half the distance of a full marathon, the satisfaction is just as much when crossing the finish line. To participate in the marathon, runners must be at least 17 years old.

Speaking on the latest fundraising effort by Richard, Hope Spring Water trustee Temi Odurinde said, “Richard is one of our long standing supporters. When it comes to events to do with long distance running, Richard is always there for us.” Temi added “before the pandemic, Hope Spring organised an annual 5K fun run, Richard was the backbone of that event. We were absolutely delighted when he decided to run the Hereford half marathon to fundraise for us”.

Sponsorship donations to Richard Evans fundraiser has been coming in through direct donations to Richard Evans and via the donate to water charity page on Hope Spring website. The charity hopes to use sponsorship donations from the fundraiser to continue their clean water for 10,000 people campaign. You can find more information about Hope Spring water projects on their website and social media pages.