Hope Spring water is delighted by the completion of their second water project in 2023.  It is one of two projects in Sierra Leone in West Africa.  The project, a relatively shallow borehole, created in partnership with Mano Gieha community in Sierra Leone sees this water poor community become the proud owner of their very own clean water source.

Discussion about the project started in December 2022, with Hope Spring partner in Sierra Leone Mr Benson Kandeh. The conversation included discussion with Mano Gieha elders as to the best place to cite the borehole, to make it easily accessible to the whole community.  Once a suitable location was found, conversation was held between Benson Kandeh and Mr Ade Adewunmi of Hope Spring UK.

The conversation about the location and funding was concluded and work began on the project in early January 2023.  About three weeks later, Mano Gieha had fresh, clean water gushing from their brand new borehole.

Some of the problems having access to safe, clean water for the Mano Gieha community includes school absenteeism for children who spend a lot of time walking to collect water. A reduction in water borne illnesses improves hygiene as the abundance of water means there is now need to skip on handwashing.

According to Hope Spring water founder Temi Odurinde, “a simple borehole like the one we at Mano Gieha has a far reaching positive implication for a small community like Mano Gieha. In addition to improvement in health because of the availability of clean water, time wasted walking several miles to fetch water can be put to productive use by adults, spending more time running their micro business or children having more time to attend school.

The Mano Gieha have donors to Hope Spring water fundraisers and our anniversary ecards platform to thank for the finances that funded the borehole project.

You too can help water poor communities in Africa by getting involved with Hope Spring or making a donation.