By Kazeem Biriowo

Team Hope Spring and participants

(Kazeyem Biriowo, OJ Yahaha with Girlspace Nigeria with participants)


Hope Spring Water Charity Foundation in partnership with Girlspace Nigeria
organised Menstrual Hygiene Management workshop for school girls at Police
Barracks, Abuja City Gate Area on Saturday 17th of August 2019. Over 100 girls
were taught proper menstrual hygiene management, with their fears of
menstrual hygiene myths and taboos debunked.

The Workshop

Team Hope Spring with participants

Team Hope Spring with participants


The workshop which was an interactive session, had discussions bordered around
menstruation myths and taboos, menstrual cycle, sanitary waste management
and menstrual hygiene management, with more emphasis placed on the solutions
to different challenges faced by participants during menstruation.

Some of the participants asked various questions during the interactive session.
Their questions were answered by one of the facilitators, which further
enlightened the participants and provided in-depth insight about proper
menstrual hygiene management. A sample of the questions and answers given
can be found below:

Participant A.

“Whenever I shave my pubic hair, I develop rashes and it can be itchy. What is the

Facilitator’s answer:

This may be result of razor burn, cutting the hair in the pubic area may cause
irritation, which can be worse if you shave too fast or uses a dull razor. Razor burn
typically appear as a reddish area of skin, occurring alongside tender red bumps
and itching.

Possible solutions:

Practising proper shaving techniques can help prevent irritation, these techniques

a. Shaving with warm water to soften the hair

b. Using a sharp new razor

c. Shaving slowly and evenly in the direction of grain of the hair, not against it.

d. Using hypoallergenic shaving creams or gels.

e. Apply mild cream/oil (baby cream/oil) or shea butter can help.

Participant B.

“Do period stop in water”?

Facilitator’s answer:

No, period doesn’t slow down or stop in water, it just may not flow outside the
vagina because of the counter pressure of the water, so typically taking your bath
or swimming does not stop your period from flowing.

Participant C.

“Is it good to use tissue if I can’t afford pad”?

Facilitator’s answer:

It is unhygienic to use tissue paper. In a situation where you can’t afford pad cloth
is a bit preferable but must be kept clean. Tissue paper can get soaked, get pieced
and can even drop off from you which can be very embarrassing.

Period Dignity at Police Barracks, Abuja was made possible by:

Hope Spring team members Abuja

Hope Spring team members Abuja

The workshop was facilitated by Ojonugwa Yahaya and Maryann Eugene. With
much support from Akeem Adeyemi and Ali Ahmed and coordinated by
Emmanuella Asuquo, Temple Oraeki and Kazeem Biriowo.