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At Hope Spring Water Nigeria Charity Foundation, we are committed to alleviating water poverty and empowering youths through Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) education.

Our approach to water poverty alleviation, places emphasis on reducing the hundreds of hours women and children spend fetching water. We strongly believe that the more time women spend in other productive tasks and the more time children spend in school, the higher their chances of breaking the poverty cycle in their respective homes and society at large.

Through advocacy, empowerment workshops and provision of water facilities, Hope Spring Water have directly imparted over 80,000 people in Nigeria, since inception of operations in 2015.

In 2018, Hope Spring Water Nigeria executed 15 WASH projects in 15 Communities, directly imparting over 20,000 lives by providing water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in these communities.

To enhance project sustainability, long after we have gone, we carry beneficiary communities along from the planning to execution and monitoring phase of the projects. Our inclusive approach to project execution ensures the community take ownership of projects and ensure its continuity and functionality, long after we have gone.

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First project in 2022: Improving access to WASH services in a Nigerian school

Hope Spring, in conjunction with some generous donors, has embarked on a clean water project in a secondary school in Ilorin, an ancient town located in the northern part of Nigeria. The project will ensure that the students, teaching and non-teaching staff of...

Gauthier Jacqmin

Gauthier Jacqmin has recently completed a law degree at the London School of Economics. He is volunteering for a couple of months before starting the Legal Practice Course in the UK. Gauthier became strongly aware of the importance of the human right to water after...

The Dry Season

The Autumn heralds the start of the dry season in West Africa. While this can bring great strain on some of the poorest communities who are struggling to access clean water, it is also the best time to drill wells and boreholes. For our teams in Nigeria, Sierra Leone...

#ClaimYourWaterRights – Communique issued at the end of one-day Water Rights Workshop in Enugu

Introduction  Hope Spring Water in collaboration with 11 civil society organisations in enugu state under a coalition called #ClaimYourWaterRight and working to promote water accountability and accessibility in Enugu state held a One-Day water stakeholders roundtable...

Tracking WASH Palliatives to Healthcare Facilities

The water challenges in Enugu State (Metropolis and Rural) have been of great concern to stakeholders and Enugu residents. With the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, there was an increased need to ensure everyone, everywhere have adequate  access to water for drinking and...

Restoring Water Supply to Agbani Health Centre through WASH Monitoring

Tracking Nigeria Government COVID19 WASH Interventions in NigeriaRelief came to health workers and community members in Agbani, Nkanu-west LGA, Enugu State, when they were notified that the rehabilitation of the water supply facility in Agbani Health Centre was...

Accountability for WASH in Health Care Facilities in Enugu State

The #ClaimYourWaterRights is a mass mobilization campaign that aims to awaken people to demand their rights to clean and safe water. The outbreak of the corona virus which is a WASH-centric disease led the campaign team to carry out a preliminary rapid assessment in...

ENU-UGWU (on the hill): Is the scarcity of water in Enugu state a function of lack of natural sources?

Adada Dam, Enugu State The incessant water scarcity in Enugu State has continued to linger for years generating different questions as to why providing clean water for the people of the state has been a hard nut to crack.The #ClaimYourWaterRights team decided to look...

Human Rights to Water: The Role of the National Human Rights Commission

After emphasizing the aim of #ClaimYourWaterRights as a grassroots sensitization campaign aimed at sensitizing and mobilising people to Claim their human right to water and sanitation. Everyone, everywhere irrespective of their class, age, gender have a right to safe...


  • To assist people and communities in poor, often remote areas in Nigeria to identify, develop and establish a sustainable source of clean water.
  • To alleviate poverty, as well as sanitation and hygiene challenges associated with lack of access to clean water.


  • Assisting communities to identify the most ideal source of clean water in or around their community.
  • Funding or building a water well or a borehole, where that is the most sustainable way to meet a community’s water challenges.
  • Educating and providing information and training developing communities on the importance of basic sanitation and hygiene.
  • WASH advocacy amongst youths and children who are the future leaders of their communities and country.

Hope Spring Water Charity Nigeria 2020

Temi Odurinde, Hon Richard Kasumu and Hameedat Balogun. Discussed MHM in Lagos, January 2020.

Hope Spring Water Charity Nigeria is registered with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria. Our registration number is CAC/IT/NO 99393.  We love working with other charities, companies, individuals to achieve our aim of helping to alleviate water poverty.   We would love to hear from you.

Our contact details:

Email: hello@hopespring.org.uk

Tel: +234 8135402302