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At Hope Spring Water Charity Foundation, we are committed to alleviating water poverty and empowering youths through Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) education.

Our approach to water poverty alleviation, places emphasis on reducing the hundreds of hours women and children spend fetching water. We strongly believe that the more time women spend in other productive tasks and the more time children spend in school, the higher their chances of breaking the poverty cycle in their respective homes and society at large.

Through advocacy, empowerment workshops and provision of water facilities, Hope Spring Water have directly imparted over 80,000 people in Nigeria, since inception of operations in 2015.

In 2018, Hope Spring Water executed 15 WASH projects in 15 Communities, directly imparting over 20,000 lives by providing water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in these communities.

To enhance project sustainability, long after we have gone, we carry beneficiary communities along from the planning to execution and monitoring phase of the projects. Our inclusive approach to project execution ensures the community take ownership of projects and ensure its continuity and functionality, long after we have gone.

Claim Your Water Rights Campaign Nigeria

#ClaimYourWaterRights Access to clean and safe drinking water is a fundamental human right. However, across the globe, the rights of over 2.2 billion people who do not have access to this life-saving resource, are being daily violated. Recognizing this rights...

World toilet day 2019 – a little can make a big difference

By Bolu Olorunfemi World toilet day is a UN initiative, observed internationally on November 19 to draw the attention of the world to the importance of sanitation and accessible toilets and to tackle sanitation problems globally. According to world bank data, one in...

Menstrual Hygiene-Period Dignity at Police Barracks, Abuja

By Kazeem Biriowo   Hope Spring Water Charity Foundation in partnership with Girlspace Nigeria organised Menstrual Hygiene Management workshop for school girls at Police Barracks, Abuja City Gate Area on Saturday 17th of August 2019. Over 100 girls were taught...

The UK loses billions of litres of water in pipe leakages every day – Here’s what you can do to help reduce this waste

By Neil Wright. Posted on 30 May 2019. In a time of runaway climate change and increasing water scarcity, the UK loses billions of litres of water in pipe leakages every day – Here’s what you can do about it Water scarcity affects every continent on Earth, but the UK...

Community Plant Sale in Aid of Hope Spring Raised £800

A community plant sale and coffee morning, organised in aid of Hope Spring Water on the 11th of May 2019, raised over £800. The event took place at Much Birch Community Hall, in Much Birch, Herefordshire and was organised by Peter and Chris Dowsett of Little Birch and...

Hope Spring Pad-Bank Initiative Nigeria

As part of the Hope Spring Pad-Bank Initiative, Hope Spring Water Charity Foundation will be organizing Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) workshops in schools across 5 locations in different states in Nigeria. Hope Spring Water initiated the Pad-Bank project to...

Bath Tea that helps water poor communities in Africa

Team Hope Spring is super excited to announce our partnership with ethical skin care and beauty products producer, Herbfarmacy. Based just miles away, north of our office in Hereford, Herbfarmacy will donate £2 to Hope Spring Water for every jar ChariTea, their aptly...

Pad-A-Girl Makoko MHM Workshop

"Our journey to Makoko Community was an adventurous and a worthwhile outreach. A journey that started on the mainland of the commercial city of Lagos and ended at the suburb of a swampy slum. We couldn’t believe the living condition of the people in the community" -...

Pad-A-Girl Menstrual Hygiene Management Workshop Makoko, Lagos

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting another Menstrual Hygiene Management Workshop (Pad-A-Girl) In two different locations in Makoko community of Lagos State, Nigeria. We will be hosting over 2000 women and girls from Makoko. Be a part of this impact and...

Awesome people… Hope Spring water Nigeria volunteers

We were able to make #clean, safe water available to thousands of people in Nigeria. Not because we have a big donor bank rolling us BUT because we have awesome people like those in the above picture. Every single one of them have donated time, money, skills and...


  • To assist people and communities in poor, often remote areas in Nigeria to identify, develop and establish a sustainable source of clean water.
  • To alleviate poverty, as well as sanitation and hygiene challenges associated with lack of access to clean water.


  • Assisting communities to identify the most ideal source of clean water in or around their community.
  • Funding or building a water well or a borehole, where that is the most sustainable way to meet a community’s water challenges.
  • Educating and providing information and training developing communities on the importance of basic sanitation and hygiene.
  • WASH advocacy amongst youths and children who are the future leaders of their communities and country.

Hope Spring Water Charity Nigeria 2020

Temi Odurinde, Hon Richard Kasumu and Hameedat Balogun. Discussed MHM in Lagos, January 2020.

Hope Spring Water Charity is registered with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria. Our registration number is CAC/IT/NO 99393.  We love working with other charities, companies, individuals to achieve our aim of helping to alleviate water poverty.   We would love to hear from you.

Our contact details:

Email: hello@hopespring.org.uk

Tel: +234 8135402302