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Temi Odurinde, director of water poverty relief.

Temi Odurinde, director of water poverty relief.

My name is, Temi Odurinde and I am the founder and director of water poverty relief at Hope Spring Water. Since our first clean water project in 2016, we have helped hundreds of thousands of people access safe, clean water. According to the UN, millions of Nigerians still lack access to clean water and adequate sanitation.

With help from you, your business, or your organisation, we can help more water poor communities access clean water. Please get in touch with me. Let’s have a conversation on how you or your business or organisation may be able to partner with us, either as part of your corporate social responsibility, as a gift, or just because you want to help other people.

I look forward to hearing from you.


WhatsApp: +234  9134554342, +44 07895390430



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