Water is an essential part of human existence and access to water for use is a fundamental human right. More so in this challenging time of Covid-19, the pandemic has established the fact that water is a major factor for a healthy living. Almost all human daily activities have a relationship with water directly or indirectly. The discussion about the availability of water is also as important as the quality and affordability of water. Water scarcity in Enugu is not a new occurrence with people walking a distance to get water. The quality of the water available to residents is also questionable. Most residents rely on private water suppliers, wells and boreholes for water. For a larger group of residents, these options are not within their reach. The impact of these challenges is felt more in the rural areas, satellite towns and slums within the state.

The above situation should be top priority for the government and all stakeholders in the water sector. This workshop is therefore designed to provide a platform for key stakeholders to discuss the progress, challenges and chart the way forward in ensuring Enugu residents have access to clean drinking water and meet up with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6. 

Objective: The objective of this workshop is to bring stakeholder in water and sanitation together to discuss the human right approach to the water situation in Enugu State and the corresponding accountability.

Activity and Duration: The workshop is a one-day event and will last for 4 hours. It is to be a panel discussion where the panellists will discuss different issues relating to human right to water and accountability in Enugu

Panelists: The panelists will be drawn from the following Agencies, Organizations or Stakeholders; Ministry of Water Resources, Enugu State Water Corporation, National Human Rights Commission, Civil Society Organizations, Water Tankers Association, Enugu State House Committee on Water, and Community Leaders.

Beneficiaries and Impact: It is expected that at the end of the workshop, there will be an understanding from the government, private water suppliers and the consumers (public) about the different challenges facing water supply in Enugu State. The workshop is to highlight these issues, suggest possible solutions, develope an action plan and encourage stakeholders to act and monitor the solutions proffered. The workshop should benefit both the government and the public in making sure that water is readily available to the people of Enugu State.



The Claim-Your-Water-Right team is a network of 13 Civil Society Organization in Enugu. They are; Global Society for Anticorruption, Daniel Ukwu Leadership Foundation, Town Crier Africa Initiative, Inspire Education Initiative, Impactfield Initiative, LunchBux, WASHFID, Initiative for Girls and Women Empowerment, Radiatus Foundation, Fearless Girls Initiative, Enugu Rotaract Club, and The Future Initiative.