Pad A Girl Initiative in Nigeria

Hope spring PadBank project. Hope Spring Water Charity Foundation

About Hope Spring #PadBank Project

PadBank is a project by Hope Spring Water to support menstrual hygiene management (MHM), globally. It provides a platform for donors, globally, to donate menstrual hygiene kits or funds to support global MHM.

About #PadAGirl Initiative

#PadAGirl initiative was developed to sustain and localize the #PadBank project by Hope Spring Water in Nigeria. It aims at supporting menstrual hygiene amongst poor and vulnerable girls in Nigeria schools and communities.

#PadAGirl Initiative is a project borne out of the need to empower young girls and women who are going through various form of stigmatization, abuse and health challenges as a result of their natural monthly cycle.

For most poor and vulnerable girls in Nigeria, as signs of menstruation gets close, it serves as a constant reminder of the oncoming abuse and stigmatization they are about to face. What should be a proud period in their lives, turn out to be their most dreadful period. For most of these girls, menstruation is a dream-killer because they never get to attend schools during menstruation. While for others who cannot afford a good menstrual pad, they rely on old rags and leaves as alternatives. There is no gainsaying the detrimental health challenges faced by these poor girls and women as a result of these unhygienic practices. Some are sexually abused in their quest to look for money to buy menstrual pads.

Why the Project?
  • According to UNESCO, 1 out of 10 African girls miss school during their menstrual period and eventually drop out of school
  • Poor menstrual hygiene has a negative effect on the education and health of women and girls
  • Women and girls in Nigeria are faced with various physical and emotional challenges in managing their menstruation
  • The initiative is geared to end deep-rooted taboos, myths and misinformation on menstruation in Nigeria and most developing countries.
The Project Objectives
  • Collaborate with renowned corporate bodies in Nigeria through long-term partnership and sponsorship for donation of menstrual kits
  • Organize menstrual hygiene management training and workshops in Nigeria schools and communities.
  • Organize menstrual hygiene management training and workshops in communities notable for menstrual myths and taboos
  • Periodically donate menstrual hygiene materials to poor and vulnerable school children in Nigeria.
Target Population and Location

To pilot the programme, about 5000 poor girls in Nigeria communities, primary, and secondary schools are to be reached annually across Lagos State, Nigeria.

The long-term plan is to replicate the same project in other Nigeria states through support and partnership with corporate and government bodies.

Projected Impact
  • Increased girls presence, confidence and concentration in school and school activities
  • Reduced incidence of rape and abuse amongst poor school girls who are in search of money to purchase menstrual hygiene materials
  • Reduced incidence of disease and death from unhygienic menstrual practices amongst girls
  • Curb the spread of taboos and myths associated with menstruation
  • Facilitate the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG #6) in Nigeria
  • Increased knowledge of menstrual hygiene management amongst the young generation who would serve as change agents in their communities.
Sustainability Plan
  • #PadAGirl initiative is a long-term project that accommodates partnerships from relevant stakeholders and renowned corporate bodies, hence our yearly proposal sets to seek out sponsorship that will help in the continuity of the project
  • Continuous development of existing menstrual hygiene educational materials made available through partnership with ProjectWET Foundation
  • Enhanced media publicity to promote and sustain the initiative.

Menstruation is a natural biological process

Menstruation is not a taboo

Let us work together to keep the dreams of our women and girls, alive