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Why Orimolade community

Orimolade Community, situated in Ifako Ijaiye Local Government, faces severe challenges in accessing clean water. The community’s hardship in securing water becomes even more critical during the dry season, forcing people to queue for hours or risk crossing busy roads to buy water at overpriced rates from monopolised vendors who charge inflated prices. This adversity adversely affects the health and well-being of residents, especially children, who suffer from skin rashes due to limited water for hygiene purposes. The decision to intervene in Orimolade stems from a commitment to alleviate the water crisis and improve the quality of life for its inhabitants.

The project

The Orimolade Ifako project was a joint initiative that was carried out by the Hope Spring Water Charity and the Mavin records through the sponsorship of Ayra Starr. By drilling a borehole along Awoni Murphy road, it is the project’s intention to overcome the water scarcity problem that Orimolade community is facing. In fact, this water borehole installation is a sustainable and reliable source of clean water that would be provided to residents to meet their daily needs, which included drinking, cooking, bathing and sanitation needs. Moreover, the project sought to benefit not only the immediate residents of Awoni Murphy Street but also neighbouring streets such as Awe Street and Baoku Street, which share similar water scarcity issues.


Project Imapct

It is evident that the establishment of the Orimolade Ifako Project will have a very profound influence on the inhabitants. With an estimated population of 600-700 members, including children, the access to clean water could radically change their living conditions.Mr. Joseph Imeh, the  community leader, underscored the urgency of sustainable  water solutions  and expressed gratitude to Hope Spring water charity during the project commissioning. Additionally, testimonies from residents like Mrs. Oluwatoyin,who compassionately offered the site for the borehole, also emphasised the  impact this project will contribute to improve living conditions and alleviate water-related health problems. 


 The residents will not go through the arduous task of waiting in long queues and high costs associated with purchasing water from distant sources. Moreover, the availability of clean water will contribute to better hygiene practices, reducing the prevalence of waterborne diseases and skin ailments caused by inadequate water supply. Furthermore,  the effect of the project will be extended to neighbouring streets, benefiting a larger population and fostering community-wide development.




Where the donation is from

The Orimolade Ifako Project received generous support from Hope Spring eCards and Mavin Records, with sponsorship from Ayra Starr. These organisations recognized the urgent need for sustainable water solutions in underserved communities like Orimolade and demonstrated their commitment to social responsibility by contributing to this vital cause. Their donations facilitated the drilling of the borehole and the implementation of infrastructure necessary to provide clean water to residents. TThe project has illustrated, through strategic partnerships and effective cooperation, the sort of transformational impact that can be achieved when business and charitable organisations work together in addressing the urgent social issues.


The Orimolade Water Project demonstrates the transformative power of joint efforts and philanthropy that can be applied in fighting water scarcity, empowering lives in under-served communities. Following the success of this project, we once again renew our commitment to it being a basic pillar for all the citizens and their access to clean water as a fundamental human right.

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