Hope Spring Water Charity has provided water for many underprivileged communities lacking water.

Owokose Water Project

About Owokose Water Project
Owokose is a small village located in Ayetoro Yewa North of Ogun State Nigeria. It is bordering the Republic of Benin, the village consists of refugees from the Benin Republic and environ. The major language is Yoruba and Ohori. Their major occupation is farming and trading, there is a moderately good road in the community.
Project Description
Hope Spring Water was approached for sponsorship. A survey was carried out and meeting with the community leader. With the permission of the community leader, the project site was mapped out. The place was carefully selected to ensure they don’t come in contact with a rock when digging due to the topography of the community

The Owokose water project was sponsored by Hope Spring Water and supported by H poverty relief

What We Did
The need for safe clean water for Owokose water was identified. Having realized the miles women and children walk daily to get water, Hope Spring water came to their aid by providing well water for the community.

local digger was employed to execute the project, it has rings and the well is ringed slightly higher and a cover for adequate protection and to prevent danger.

The support from the community people can not be underestimated.

Impact of the Water Project
The community people were so delighted about the water project, the impact of the water projects are numerous. By having access to clean safe water, the community health will improve. Bringing water closer to the community reduces the miles women and children walk daily to get water from an unclean source. The water project will also increase their productivity, they will be able to focus on their trading and farming work. Reduced cases of children and women abuse

The community were filled with appreciation to Hope Spring Water for giving them this life-changing water