Pledge/Donate Your Birthday

Pledge your birthday

First things first, just use the quick birthday pledge form above to pledge your birthday. Share it on your favourite social media platform to let your friends know.

Create a fundraising page

Start a fundraising page. Find out how to create a fundraising page here. You can also ask Hope Spring to create a fundraising page for you free of charge. Let your friends know that, instead of the usual birthday gifts, you prefer that they donate to helping give clean water.

Birthday gives clean water

The fund raised by your birthday pledge, will give people struggling to access clean water in Africa a chance. Hope Spring will send you a certificate to show how you have made a difference.

Tom Tucker Pledge his 75th Birthday

Just like Tom Tucker, you can make your birthday extra special, by pledging it to help bring clean water to people in urgent need in West Africa. Instead of accepting gifts and cards, Tom asked friends and family to make a donation to Hope Spring Water charity.

The money raised from Tom’s birthday pledge was enough to bring clean water to a whole village in Nigeria.

Why not make your next birthday super special, by pledging it to raise money for clean water! Just complete the birthday pledge form above, like Tom did. We will set the ball rolling, by creating your own unique birthday pledge fundraising page for you.

Pledging Your Birthday – All the information you need


What is a birthday pledge?

A birthday pledge is uniquely different and an exciting way to celebrate your birthday. You let your friends and family know that, instead of giving you birthday presents, they should make a donation to Hope Spring Water UK.  It does not cost you anything to pledge your birthday. All you need to do is make the pledge, and let Hope Spring and your friends do the rest!

We will create a unique birthday pledge page for you, you can then share the unique link with your friends and family. Each person you share the link with can make as much or as little donation as they like  on your pledge page. 

How do I make a pledge?

You can make you plded by completing the pledge box at the top of this page. You can also make your pledge by email, all you need to do is email us : . Make the subject of your email Birthday Pledge. Then tell us your name, when your birthday is and how much you would like to raise. Once we receive your email, we will set the ball rolling on your birthday pledge fundraising campaign. 

What happens next after my pledge?

Once we create your birthday pledge page, we will give you a unique page link you can start sharing with your family and friends. And anyone you think may want to make a donation.  You can share your pledge page on your favorite social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp. 

How much should I pledge?

You know your friends and family best. Take a rough guess as to how much you think you may raise and make that your target. You can also factor in contribution from yourself, if you are planning to make a donation as well.

You can also set your pledge target by thinking of the number of people you want to provide clean water to. As a rough example, £100 can provide safe drinking water to 50 people for a year. 

What is the minimum amount I must raise?

We do not impose a minimum fundraising target on you, we encourage you to set your own goal. However much or little you raise will make a big difference to the lives of people in desperate need of safe, clean drinking water.

To give you and your supporters a goal to focus on, we do recommend that you set a target of at least £100, you can always aim to raise much more than that. Every penny raised, will transform lives. 

Any suggestions for how to go about achieving my goals?

We have designed the pledge your birthday fundraising campaign to make using your birthday to help other people easy. Our team and your supporters will do all the heavy lifting, it is your birthday after all 🙂  The main thing you need to do to meet your birthday pledge fundraising target is to share your donation page with as many friends as possible.

You should also encourage your friends and family to share your page with their friends as well. This could increase the number of donations to your birthday pledge significantly. 

For how long does my birthday fundraising pledge remain active?

We keep your birthday pledge fundraising page open for as long as you like. You can request that we close it once you achieve your target. We are also happy to keep it open for the rest of the year, so that you can share the page with your friends at any time of the year, even after your birthday. 

Can people from outside the UK support my birthday pledge?

Yes,  people from any part of the world can donate via your birthday pledge page. All they need to make a donation is a debit or credit card. We encourage you to share your pledge page with your contacts in the UK and abroad. 

Will every donation appear on my  birthday pledge page?

Yes, you will see each donation and the donor. You will also see their name, the date and time they made their donation.  Please note that there is an option for a donor to choose to be anonymous. The details of such a donor will not appear on your pledge page, but the amount donated will be shown. 

I would like to pledge my birthday but I am a luddite, can I still pledge?

Yes, you certainly can. Some of our supporters have done just that. You can just tell your friends and family that you prefer a donation to Hope Spring UK on your birthday, in lieu of birthday gifts. You can just get them to donate cash to a bucket, collect the cash and send it to Hope Spring UK.