Pledge/Donate Your Birthday

Pledge your birthday

First things first, just use the quick birthday pledge form above to pledge your birthday. Share it on your favourite social media platform to let your friends know.

Create a fundraising page

Start a fundraising page. Find out how to create a fundraising page here. You can also ask Hope Spring to create a fundraising page for you free of charge. Let your friends know that, instead of the usual birthday gifts, you prefer that they donate to helping give clean water.

Birthday gives clean water

The fund raised by your birthday pledge, will give people struggling to access clean water in Africa a chance. Hope Spring will send you a certificate to show how you have made a difference.

Tom Tucker Pledge his 75th Birthday

Just like Tom Tucker, you can make your birthday extra special, by pledging it to help bring clean water to people in urgent need in West Africa. Instead of accepting gifts and cards, Tom asked friends and family to make a donation to Hope Spring Water charity.

The money raised from Tom’s birthday pledge was enough to bring clean water to a whole village in Nigeria.

Why not make your next birthday super special, by pledging it to raise money for clean water! Just complete the birthday pledge form above, like Tom did. We will set the ball rolling, by creating your own unique birthday pledge fundraising page for you.