Hope Spring Water Charity is happy to announce its 2023 Promise Auction. The aim of the promise auction is to raise funds for its next borehole project. A lot of communities are still facing the challenge of accessing clean, safe water.  

The promise auction is open to businesses, organizations, and individuals who wish to help. To participate in the promise auction, please contact us . You can donate an item, services, skills, time, chores, etc. Promise auction is fun as everyone has something to contribute while raising money for a good Herefordshire cause.

There are lots of benefits you stand to gain by participating in the promise auction. Your business gets more visibility, and you also get a timely purchase and reduce the long negotiation period.  You or your business also get to contribute toward a good cause.

All proceeds from the Promise auction will be used to provide water for communities with no access to clean water. To participate or get involved please send an email to hello@hopespring.org.uk or whatsapp message to WhatsApp: +234  9134554342, +44 07895390430