Ramandan is a spiritual time for Muslims worldwide. It is a time that signifies dedication, discipline and reflection. It is also a time to abstain from sin through fasting. This period is important because fasting is the 4th pillar of Muslim and it is believed that the reward of fasting is immense. As Ramadan is a period to grow spiritually and get mercy from Allah, charity giving is very important during this time.


Hope Spring Water is raising fund to give safe and clean water to Unape community in Abuja. A rural community dominated by Gbagi people. This community have no access to clean water, the only source of water is a dirty stream which also serves as a watering hole for cattle. After the cattle drink from the stream, they defecate inside. The people of the community have no choice but to fetch from the stream. This water poverty situation has caused a lot of problems between the community and the herdsmen.


The water challenge in the community has led the community people most especially the children to various water borne illnesses such as typhoid and cholera. It also affects the children’s growth.


We have set up a fundraising campaign for Unape Alewa, a clean water project. All funds raised will be used to give the Unape community a borehole and this will impact the entire community in several ways. Women and children will not have to walk miles to fetch water. Women will also be able to focus on their work without having to waste their productive time fetching water.


We urge you to support this cause this Ramadan. You can donate through this online platform or contact us on our website to donate through other means. Several communities have benefitted from similar fundraisers in the past i.e Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Central America.


During Ramadan, the reward for helping others is multiplied as it has a lot of reward. Thanks for your support. Kindly share this fundraiser with others who may be interested in contributing.