Donations to Hope Spring Water and our poverty alleviation work tend to be in the form of cash, skills, and sometimes free labour to move our aims and objectives forward. For the first time in the history of our charity, we have received a donation in the form of a song! Royalties from a song titled “Oshun” will be donated to Hope Spring. 

This kind gift was donated by Devon-based singer and songwriter  Anna Ling. Anna contacted Hope Spring Water earlier this year. She told us about her song, “Oshun,” and how she would like to donate some of the royalties from the song to us.  Naturally, we said yes, please, and thank you. Anna’s song was released in November 2022; you can purchase and download it here.

Oshun: The goddess and the river 

Anna Ling’s decision to donate part of the royalties from Oshun, her five minutes single, was in part due to her desire to give back to the culture and language that inspired Oshun, the Yoruba language.  Anna’s song extols the healing and restorative properties of Oshun water. 

Oshun is the name of a 260-kilometer-long river in the southwest of Nigeria. In Yoruba religion, Oshun is also the name of a powerful goddess, or Orisha.The goddess is believed to have turned toward the river. Many of the attributes of Oshun the goddess were imparted into the river, they include purity, fertility, sensuality, and love. Many of these attributes are believed to be present in the water from the Oshun River.

Hope Spring clean water projects in Osun State, Nigeria

Hope Spring Water has worked on a number of clean water projects in Oshun states over the last few years. The most recent ones include the Ede well project and the Ilobu borehole project. 

Entrance to the Osun river and sacred grove in Osogo, picture by Temi Odurinde  .