Russel borehole project sierra leone

Why Russel Village

Water demand has gone up since the Corona outbreak started because everyone has to wash their hands more frequently. Due to the increased need for water, the neighborhood has become a place where residents visit the stream more frequently than before. Yet, because they depend on the stream for clean water, the community’s efforts to prevent COVID-19 and the effectiveness of hand washing are impaired.

Although water from the open source may first seem clean, once it has been collected, little debris can be seen at the bottom of the jerry cans belonging to community members.

Then there are the numerous undetectable pollutants in the water, such as agriculture pesticides and poisons from animal feces introduced via surface runoff. Water is not clear.

About Russel Village


Russel village is known for their agricultural activities in the eastern part of Sierra.
Leone. Russel lies approximately imat miles east of Sierra Leone, with an estimated
population of 567. Russel village is one of the most populous villages in
cluster in the Western Rural District, after Torma and Konela.

The village population is ethnically and religiously diverse, as it is home to a
population of both Muslims and Christians. Russell is named after the founder of
village, who happens to be the first person to dwell in that part of the bush, and as a
As a result of that, his name was given to the village.
The people living in Russel village are mainly engaged in swamp rice farming.
and agricultural practices as their main source of living and through which they
support themselves.



The Project

The overall goal of the project is to improve the standard of living in Russel village
in the Western Rural District through effectively strengthening the effectiveness of access to the delivery of water and sanitation services.

Project Impact

Time taken to fetch drinkable water is one of the factors used in measuring the standard of living of a household.  The longer it takes, the lower the household’s living standard. It will take some time to gather empirical evidence of the impacts of this project, however it is projected to reduce the amount of distance traveled as well as time taken to fetch consumable water  by each household in Russel village and thus improve their standard of living. 

With no more shortage of consumable water close by thanks to Hope Spring Water intervention, women and children of Russel will also have more time they can spend on other productive activities rather than trekking distances to access water.


Project Sustainability

The  project will directly benefit 567 people. The project will promote effective hygiene promotion messages in the communities and institutional environments respectively.T he local residents who are equipped with the knowledge of WASH and related matters, have been entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring regular maintenance of the well. 


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