About Eziama Project

Fri Aug 21, 2020 2:30pm – 3pm (WAT)

The Project
Hope Spring water came to their aid by sponsoring a hand pump borehole for the community. Hope Spring team had a meeting with the community chief and other stakeholders on where the water point should be. It was decided that the water should be built in the chief house to enable good supervision and project sustainability.

Having decided on the water location, the water project began. The well was drilled up to 18 metres and got a good aquifer with 3m of sand with enough water that would serve the community throughout the season.

After completing the water project, the borehole was handed over to the community chief and other stakeholders.

Project impact
The community people were filled with joy and utmost appreciation to Hope Spring Water for their generous and impactful act in the community. Filled with smiles and happiness, they all rushed to the water point to fetch water.

Hope Spring Water project in the community will give them access to safe drinking water and reduce diseases associated with drinking contaminated water. It will also reduce the miles children and women walk daily to fetch water for their daily needs. 

Young children will be able to go to school early and focus on their education, Issues associated with trekking miles to get water such as rape, snake bite and drowning will reduce.


Project Sustainability
Aside from providing Samuel’s Town access to clean safe water, they were also taught on how to repair in case of any breakage. According to the community leader, when giving his vote of thanks he said ‘’ Thanks to Hope Spring Water for providing us access to safe drinking water, and also training our children how to do simple repairs if any breakage occurs’’.

Other Stakeholders also gave their thanks speech to Hope Spring Water Charity. The water project was a life-changing experience for the people of Samuel Town Sierra Leone.