Why give £395?

£395 is the average cost of digging a well for a community in West Africa.

Giving less than £395? That's great too! Just as littled drops of water makes an ocean. You donation, regardless of how small will add up with other donations to fund a well.
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100% Donations Go To Water Projects

Hope Spring takes a no-frills approach to water poverty alleviation. That means every single pound donated to Hope Spring Water is spent on providing water to developing communities in Nigeria and other parts of Africa where we work.

We target our water poverty alleviation efforts in communities that are having difficulties accessing safe clean water. Our assistance to a community can be in the form of a well, borehole constructing, or rainwater harvesting training. Our projects typically work in partnership with an institution of learning such as a school or a university, who deliver a sanitation and hygiene workshop as part of a project.

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