The Africa Groundwater Atlas - Hydrogeology of Nigeria

The Africa Groundwater Atlas – Hydrogeology of Nigeria

Launched in May 2016, The African Ground Water Atlas is probably the most comprehensive one-stop African ground water resource of its kind on the Internet. Developed by British Geological Survey, the atlas contains valuable information water supply engineers working in any sector of water provision will find invaluable.

The atlas maps technical data, references to literatures and statistics on 51 out of the 54 African countries, including Nigerian. Water engineers in Nigeria, whether working for local government, federal government, a utility company or an NGO will find the information and data contained in the Nigerian section of The African Groundwater Atlas handy and easily accessible.

What most Nigerian water supply engineers will probably find most valuable about The African Groundwater Atlas, is the fact that detailed information about Nigerian groundwater supply is available on demand, any time of the day at their fingertip. This fact will help ease the difficulties currently associated with accessing quality groundwater information from a reliable and authoritative sources.

To find out more information about The African Groundwater Atlas and visit the Nigerian section of the atlas, please go to : , browse to the Hydrogeology by country section and click on Hydrogeology of Nigeria. Pages relating to neighbouring countries Nigeria share aquifers with are worth exploring too.