Water is often taken for granted in many parts of the world, but for the residents of Atobaje Community in Lagos State, Nigeria, access to clean and reliable water has been a daily struggle. However, thanks to the tireless efforts of a compassionate group within the community and the support of Hope Spring Water Charity, a ray of hope has now emerged in the form of the Atobaje Community Water Project.

Atobaje community, a political ward under Agege Lagos State, is home to a predominantly Yoruba population, with a few non-Yoruba-speaking residents. The community, composed mainly of low-income earners, faces the harsh realities of water scarcity on a daily basis. With a population of over 700,000 people, nearly half of whom will benefit from the borehole project, the need for clean water is dire.

In Atobaje, accessing water is no simple task. The community members, especially children and mothers, are burdened with the arduous daily chore of buying or fetching water from distant sources. The government’s water scheme has failed to reach them, leaving them in a perpetual state of water poverty. The Atobaje Community Water Project, initiated by Hope Spring Water Charity, is set to change this bleak reality.

The Atobaje borehole project was born out of compassion. A group within the community, preferring to remain anonymous, recognized the suffering endured by their fellow residents, particularly women and young children. In a heartfelt gesture, this group contributed a token amount of money and entrusted Hope Spring Water with the responsibility of providing clean water to the community. This generous contribution was made not once but twice, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the cause.

Once the funds were in hand, the project was set into motion. Given the shared base between Atobaje and Gbogunleri Community Development Association (CDA), it was relatively easy to engage the CDA executives. On July 25th, 2023, the executive members of the CDA and Hope Spring Water representatives, along with expert drillers, visited the project site to determine the best location. A follow-up visit on July 31st confirmed the location, and the drillers and plumbers were provided with the necessary resources to begin their work.

From August 1st, the project kicked into high gear. The flow-back channel was dug, and drilling occurred between August 2nd and August 3rd. Following the drilling, a treatment was applied to prevent oil contamination, left to solidify for a week before pumping began. Simultaneously, the tank was installed, plumbing was completed, and tiling work was underway, all in preparation for connecting the water supply.

Flushing for water cleanliness and clarity took place on August 10th and 14th. Finally, on August 13th, the water was connected to the tank and service pipes, with the project being officially finalised on August 15th with the installation of signage.

The success of this project is not just measured by its completion but also by its sustainability. To ensure that the community continues to benefit from this invaluable resource, three key authorities have been entrusted with its maintenance and operation: the central CDA, the Atobaje CDA, and the school authority of a nearby Muslim school. With their combined efforts, the borehole will remain accessible to all, offering hope and a brighter future to the residents of Atobaje.

The Atobaje Community Water Project is a testament to what can be achieved when compassion, determination, and collaboration come together. It serves as a beacon of hope for the community, a reminder that positive change is possible, even in the face of adversity. Thanks to Hope Spring Water Charity and the generous anonymous contributors, clean and reliable water now flows in Atobaje, bringing relief and brighter prospects to this vibrant community.

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