About 83 million young girls are experiencing period poverty

School is essential for girls so that they can get the skills they need to break out of poverty and take control of their own lives. This is why Hope Springs’ aim to alleviate period poverty is so essential.

About Menstrual Hygiene Management Workshop 2022

In commemoration of the International day of the girl, Hope spring Water visited School of the Deaf Kuje in Abuja to lecture them on Menstrual Hygiene Management and how to make a reusable pad. The programme was attended by both boys and girls.

We made them realise disability does not stop them from achieving their dreams and aspirations in life. They were also taught confidence and how to carry themselves. Their school teachers interpreted everything discussed during the program.


The Project

‘’The project themed Menstrual Hygiene Management Workshop 2022’’ was spearheaded by Hope Spring Water Charity Foundation where student at kuye deaf and dumb school in Abuja was trained on how menstrual hygiene and how to make a resuable pads. The programme was attended by both boys and girls. During the practical aspect, we introduced to the girls the type of fabric needed to make a reusable pad and how to cut a pad. The girls cut the fabric with drafting paper and sewed using a sewing machine,while others made use of hand needles.

Project Impact

We made them realise pregnancy is a choice, but period is a must for adolescent girls. They were lectured on period poverty, menstrual hygiene and the dos and do’s and don’t during menstruation.
There was a practical example of the type of exercise they can do during menstruation which was fun for the girls.The girls were fast learners despite the fact that we only use sign language in training them we also cut out materials for the girls to make at home and teach their friends and siblings. The program was impactful because these girls would be able to stay in school during menstruation and have a brighter future.

The school principal and teachers appreciated us and thanked us for coming to impact the girls.

Project Sustainablility

This initiative will help alleviate period poverty. Reduce school absenteeism by keeping more girls in school during menstruation to complete their education. Also introducing eco-friendly menstrual materials that reduces waste.

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