About Unape Alewa Water Challenge

Unape Alewa community Abuja has no access to clean sources of water, people fetch water from a dirty river where cattle also come to drink and defecate, leading to waterborne diseases among the community.

The river that the community fetches water from has exposed the people to water related problems, it has caused severe illness and the deaths of some children in the community. 

The women in the community walk several miles to fetch water from the dirty river for their entire household. This takes up their productive time. They spend more time fetching water than focusing on their work and family.

This has exposed them to water related problems most especially the children of the community



We have no other source of water. This is the water we take, God knows the condition we are that is why he has been protecting us. We pray people with human sympathy will come and dig borehole for us

Access to water is a human right & SDG6

Hope Spring water charity understands the challenges posed by the lack of access to safe, clean drinking water and adequate sanitation to developing communities around the globe.

That is why we are  running the fundraising campaign, to raise  awareness about the water poverty challenge in Unape Alewa community and to give  them hope by raising funds to build a water project for the community so as to give them access to safe drinking water   The global crisis in clean water and adequate sanitation, is summed up by United Nations sustainable development goal 6.

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263 million people spent over 30 minutes per round trip to collect water from an improved water source (figures by the UN for 2017).
Some spending up to 6 hours every day collecting water.
159 million people only had access to surface water, ie water coming directly from a river, dam, pond, stream etc.